CASA - Student Help Desk

Mission statementt
Satisfy the needs of the students, providing suitable information to orient them and support them to solve problems. Receive proposals of improvement and canalize them to the corresponding department in the Monterrey Campus.

Give general information about the activities in Campus, information by phone, webpage or in person, for the location of people and departments within the Campus. Information on academic, social, cultural and sports events, dates, and other important information. Provide informative pamphlets to the students.

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CASA  |  Aulas III - 118
Teléfono: (81) 8328 4458 y 8358 2000 Ext. 4505
Horario: De lunes a viernes 8:00 a 17:30 hrs.
Viernes 8:00 a 17:30 hrs.
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